Top 10 Programming Languages to learn in 2014

Top 10 Programming Languages to learn in 2014


So, today i am gonna tell you the top 10 programming languages to learn in 2014. According to many blogs and the changing scenario in the development of web and applications Java still remains the first choice for big developers. As we all know Java is (almost) perfectly follows the OOPs concept.

Java is almost used in every big development environment. Android is a best example i’ve got. Also Java is platform independent i.e. it can be run on any machine whether it is Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu (Linux), or whether it is Apple’s MAC OSX.

Here are the Top 10 Programming Languages in 2014

10. SQL

SQL also known as Structured Query Language is a language used to manage relational database systems. It uses the ‘query’ function. It was standardized by ANSI and ISO in 1980’s.

From where to learn: SQLZoo, Lynda, SQLCourse, TutorialsPoint

9. JavaScript

JavaScript is the best option for web developers. It is used for client-side as well as server-side scripting and developed by NetScape. Its Syntax is just like the C Language. It is used for game development and and developing interactive web functions. JavaScript comes embedded in almost every browser (Chrome, Safari, FireFox, etc.)

From where to learn: LearnJS, Lynda, TreeHouse, CodeAcademy, CodeSchool

8. Ruby

Ruby is a user-friendly language. It is a dynamic, object oriented scripting language. Ruby is powered by Ruby on Rails framework which is currently used by,, etc. Mainly Ruby is used to develop dynamic mobile apps and desktop apps.

From where to learn: TryRuby, RubyMonk, CodeSchool, CodeAcademy

7. Python

Python is a high-level scripting language (server-side). It is used in mobile apps as well as desktop apps. Its considered as very simple to learn because of its compact syntax structure. It powers web apps such as Instagram, Pintrest, rdio. It is today used by the webmaster Google, Yahoo! and NASA.

From where to learn: LearnPython,, Udemy, CodeAcademy

6. PHP

PHP is a free sever-side scripting language. PHP formerly Hypertext Preprocessor is designed for dynamic website and mobile apps. PHP can be embedded into HTML code itself rather making a external sheet. Today more than 200 Million websites are powered by PHP including Facebook and WordPress.

From where to learn: Udemy, Zend Developer Zone,, TreeHouse

5. Objective C

Objective C is majorly used for developing iPhone apps. Objective C is the Apple’s programming language as Apple use Objective C in its operating systems such as iOS, MAC OSX, Apple’s API, etc. Objective C is a general purpose object oriented programming language.

From where to learn: MAC Developer Library, Cocoa Developer Center, Udemy, MobileTuts(Tuts+)

4. C#

“C Sharp”(pronounced) is a multi-paradigm programming language developed by Microsoft as a part of .NET. It combines all the principles of C, C++. Majorly C# is used on Windows platform to develop different desktop as well as mobile(Windows Phone) apps.

From where to learn: Microsoft Virtual Academy, TutorilasPoint, Udemy, Lynda

3. C++

C++ is not a high-level language but a intermediate-level language. C++ was developed by Sir Bjarne Stroustrup. Major apps developed using C++ are FireFox, Winamp, and various Adobe Programs. It is used to develop high performance desktop applications and video games.

From where to learn:,, LearnCPP, CProgramming

2. C

C was developed in early 70’s by Sir Dennis Ritche. It is the oldest and most widely used language right now. C also helped in building Python, C#, Java, JavaScript, etc. It is advised to first learn C and then C++ as C++ is an advanced version of C.

From where to learn:, Learn Code the hard way, LearnC, CProgramming

1. Java

Java is the language that perfectly follows OOP’s concept. Java is a platform independent language developed by Sun Microsystems. The main developer of Java is Sir James Gosling in 90’s. It is the most-demanded language right now as it features in Enterprise Softwares, Web-based content, mobile apps, games, Android, etc. Today Java is used in around 3 Billion Devices on earth(says Java’s Official website). Java(Sun Microsystems) was later overtaken by Oracle. The latest version of Java right now is Java8.

From where to learn:, Oracle, Learning Java Online, Udemy

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