The C Language

C is a general purpose Programming Language initially developed by Sir Dennis Ritchie between 1969-1973 at AT&T Bell Labs. C’s latest stable release was in December 2011.The major implementations was Clang, GCC, Intel C, MSVC, Pelles, C, Watcom C. The C Language was influenced by B (BCPL, CPL), ALGOL 68, Assembly, PL/I, FORTRAN. Numerous influences were  AMPL, AWK, csh, C++, C–, C#, Objective-C, BitC, D, Go, Rust, Java, JavaScript, Limbo, LPC, Perl, PHP, Pike, Processing, Seed7, Verilog. Also C is a cross-platform (multi-platform) Programming Language. The file extensions for C Programs are generally .c, .h.

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Programs/Codes of The C Language

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