The C++ Language

C++ is a general purpose, statically typed, multi-paradigm, free-form & compiled Programming Language. It is known as an intermediate-level language (ILL) as it comprises of both high-level & low-level language features. It was initially developed by Sir Bjarne Stroustrup from 1979 at Bell Labs & appeared in 1983. C++ was originally called  as “C with Classes” featuring OOPs. C++’s latest stable release was in 2011.The major implementations was LLVM Clang, GCC, Microsoft Visual C++, Intel C++ Compiler, Comeau C/C++, Sun Studio. The C Language was influenced by Perl, LPC, Lua, Pike, Ada 95, Java, PHP, D, C99, C#, Falcon, Seed7. Also C++ is a cross-platform (multi-platform) Programming Language. The file extensions for C Programs are generally .h .hh .hpp .hxx .h++ .cc .cpp .cxx .c++.

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Programs/Codes of The C++ Language

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